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17 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools For Product Managers


In the fast-paced world of product management, having a roadmap is like having a trusty map for an adventurous journey. It guides product teams through the twists and turns of development, helping them reach their destination successfully. For product managers, a well-thought-out roadmap is the key to aligning teams, setting priorities, and steering their products toward success.

Now, with an abundance of product roadmap tools available, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a complex maze. But fear not! We’ve done the legwork for you. In this guide, we’ve handpicked the 17 Best Free Product Roadmap Tools for Product Managers. These tools not only help you articulate your product vision but also provide collaborative spaces for your team to sync up and drive your product to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to level up your toolkit or a newcomer eager to start strong, this guide is your companion in the world of product development. We’ll dive into the features, functionalities, and unique offerings of these free tools, giving you the insights to choose the perfect fit for your roadmap adventures.

So, join us on this exploration as we uncover the tools that will empower you and your team to craft a future of successful product development. Let’s embark on this journey together and pave the way for your product’s triumph in the exciting landscape of innovation.

What is a Product Roadmap Software

In the dynamic realm of product management, a Product Roadmap Software serves as the essential blueprint that guides teams through the intricacies of product development. This specialized software is designed to help product managers visualize, communicate, and execute their strategic plans for a product’s lifecycle.

By offering a centralized platform for collaboration, prioritization, and communication, these tools play a pivotal role in aligning teams and ensuring the successful execution of a product’s journey from conception to market. In this section, we’ll delve into the fundamental aspects of Free Product Roadmap Tools, exploring its functionalities, benefits, and why it’s a cornerstone for effective product management.

Here are some of the benefits of having a product roadmap:

Alignment: A product roadmap helps to ensure that everyone on the team is aligned on the product’s goals and priorities. This can help to avoid miscommunication and wasted effort.

Transparency: A product roadmap provides transparency into the product development process. This can help to build trust with stakeholders and customers.

: A product roadmap helps to prioritize the development of features based on their importance to the product vision and strategy. This can help to ensure that the product is developed in a way that meets the needs of users.

: A product roadmap can be used to communicate the product’s progress to stakeholders and customers. This can help to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Management of Resources: By having a planned and organized roadmap, resource allocation becomes more efficient. Teams can identify potential bottlenecks and allocate resources effectively to meet deadlines and deliverables.

Customer Focus: A well-constructed product roadmap takes into account customer needs, feedback, and market demands. It ensures that the product’s development aligns with customer expectations, increasing the likelihood of a successful product launch.

Motivation and Morale: A clearly defined roadmap can boost team motivation. It gives team members a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they see the product progressing and achieving milestones.

Long-Term Vision: A product roadmap is not just about short-term plans; it also outlines the long-term vision for the product’s evolution. This helps guide the team’s efforts beyond immediate goals, keeping the product on a path of continuous improvement.

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17 Free Product Roadmap Tools, in a nutshell

showcasing their capabilities and features. control panel is the best website for finding free product project templates.

For product managers who are fresh to the realm of product roadmaps, is a solid option. The management software is simple to use and provides a straightforward approach to planning and tracking progress. You may rapidly develop a product roadmap using one of their 200+ project templates or start from scratch with their freemium plan.’s UI is simple to use, and after you’ve set up your roadmap, it’s simple to see how your project is progressing.

You can visualize product status over time using their boards and configurable columns. You may even devote a board to backlog items to ensure that nothing is overlooked. offers a free subscription with restricted features for up to two users.

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StoriesOnBoard control panel

The best roadmap tool for consumer feedback is StoriesOnBoard. Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts will benefit from StoriesOnBoard’s product roadmap tools, which will assist them throughout the full product management process, from discovery through iteration planning. The tool is centered on product feedback to assist teams in creating products that people truly enjoy.

The roadmap for StoriesOnBoard is based on getting actual value from user input. The solution automates the collection of input from customers, users, and the development team into a single repository and arranges it according to defined rules. All of your product feedback will be organized in this manner.

Then you and your team may work together to turn your findings into actionable product ideas that you can post on a public roadmap. StoriesOnBoard connects with Zapier, Google Chrome, and e-mail to gather feedback. The software integrates with Jira, Trello, GitHub, and Azure for task management.

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Loopedln control panel

Best for announcing updates: multiple channels.

LoopedIn, formerly known as Product Stash, just underwent a rebranding. This agile product road mapping technology aids in the development of clear, succinct roadmaps. Completing a series is simply because of the interactive drag-and-drop interface. LoopedIn allows team members to submit ideas and updates while also keeping external stakeholders up to date. There is a free edition with restricted capabilities, including only one workspace and one idea board.


Craftwork control panel

Best for designers and creatives

Designers and creatives will appreciate the craftwork. Pinterest, Google, Uber, Walmart, Paypal, and Vimeo are among the companies that utilize Craftworks (most likely in its commercial version). They provide a list of 16 free tools for creating a plan from the start or finishing tasks on a roadmap. Craftwork has several tools that may be used to make product roadmaps.

Flowcharts, image packs, wireframe kits, icons, and visual sets are among them. To help with roadmap planning, there are also web and app kits available. Craftwork provides a limited number of free tools, ranging from flowcharts to mockups.

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Jointly control panel

Jointly is the best place to find community-generated ideas.

Jointly is a platform that allows product teams to collaborate on projects through a community. You may discuss topics, give ideas, and get feedback.

This platform is great for startups and small to medium-sized businesses because it is completely free and does not require a monthly membership Jointly provides several options for gathering community input, allowing people to vote on new features, leveraging collaboration and commenting, and allowing interested parties to track the progress of your project. Discussions, channels, and integrations will all be available shortly.

Jointly is now free to use for any number of people.


Harvestr control panel

Optimal for enhancing customer feedback.

Harvestr, a powerful roadmap tool, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to optimize their product development process. By centralizing customer feedback and data from various systems, Harvestr enables teams to gain deep insights into customer needs and identify untapped opportunities. With a foundation of unified customer and business data, product prioritization becomes more data-driven, allowing teams to focus their efforts on solving the most critical problems and delivering impactful solutions.

Harvestr doesn’t stop there; it also empowers customer-facing teams by providing them with actionable product updates directly in the tools they use daily. This seamless integration ensures that customers feel heard and valued as their feedback loop is efficiently closed.

Moreover, the collaborative nature of Harvestr facilitates smooth communication and coordination among all teams across the organization. By sharing the right level of information with internal and external stakeholders, Harvestr ensures that the product roadmap is well-informed, aligning with company objectives and customer demands.

With Harvestr, businesses can streamline their product development, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve success by building the right products at the right time.


Wrike control panel

Wrike is the best tool for laying down objectives and milestones.

Product roadmap options are available in Wrike to help you create targets, manage deliveries, and make smarter product choices. Task and subtask management, interactive project boards, spreadsheets, account-wide work schedules, and cloud storage interfaces are all available in the free edition (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, MSFT Office 365, and OneDrive).

You may arrange and prioritize product development projects according to your company’s needs, whether it’s my team, period, or function. You may also assign priority to jobs, revenue projections, and other criteria. Wrike provides a free plan that gives you access to a limited number of features and an unlimited number of users.

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ClickUp control panel

The best free Gantt charts are available at ClickUp. ClickUp is a product roadmap-supporting cloud-based project management and collaboration solution. Communication tools, work assignments, and status notifications are among the software’s features. The free plan gives you 100 uses of their Gantt chart builder, which is wonderful considering many product management programs only allow premium users to use it.

Projects may be seen via an Agile dashboard or organized by the assignee. ClickUp offers a real-time activity stream that shows tasks being generated and performed in real-time. ClickUp provides a free plan with unlimited members and tasks. Certain action items, however, have a finite number of applications (for example, utilizing Gantt charts, mind maps, objectives, and dashboards).

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Asana control panel

Asana is the best option for integrations.

Asana is a well-known project management tool with a diverse set of capabilities. In Asana, you can use product road mapping to align tasks, document backlogs, and get a high-level picture of project progress. The product roadmap serves as a single source of truth for the team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

In addition, the free plan gives you access to over 100 third-party integrations (both paid and free), which competing tools restrict you to paying subscriptions. Time monitoring software, communication platforms like Slack, and cloud storage systems may all be integrated. Asana offers a free subscription with up to three project views.

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Ideal for crafting roadmap presentations.

Aha! offers an impressive range of product development software, which includes a comprehensive roadmap tool designed to support strategic planning, idea generation, and product plan creation, among other functionalities.

With this tool, product teams can gather valuable ideas from their existing customer base and efficiently prioritize new features within the platform. Additionally, Aha! provides a strategy development tool that aids teams in effectively articulating the value of their product, identifying their target end-users, and positioning themselves in the market.

When building their products, teams can rely on Aha!’s visual roadmap creation feature. This intuitive tool allows product managers to establish deadlines, define project tasks, and align initiatives with their overall strategy. Various templates are available, offering users a starting point that can be easily customized to suit the unique needs of their products. To provide a visual representation of progress, initiatives on the roadmap can be color-coded for quick and easy tracking.

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Best for replacing documents and spreadsheets: dedicated replacement tools.

Coda is a web-based application that serves as a roadmap tool, specifically designed to help users create and manage product roadmaps. It comes with various powerful features, including visualization tools like timelines, Gantt charts, and swimlanes, which make it easy to track product progress and identify potential issues.

Coda also promotes collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone stays updated and on the same page with the roadmap. It integrates seamlessly with data sources like Google Analytics and Salesforce, allowing users to track product performance and make informed decisions for the roadmap.

One of Coda’s strengths is its high level of customization, enabling teams to tailor their product roadmaps to meet specific needs effectively.


  • Powerful visualization tools to make the roadmap easy to understand.
  • Collaborative features for better team coordination.
  • Data integration with various sources for informed decision-making.
    Customization options for tailoring the roadmap as needed..


  • Coda is a paid tool, which might be costlier compared to some free alternatives.
  • It can be complex for teams new to product roadmaps.
  • Some features are only available in paid plans, limiting access for teams on a tight budget.



Trello is the ultimate solution for teams looking to manage projects and tasks with ease. With its straightforward interface of boards, lists, and cards, teams can get a clear view of who is responsible for what and what needs to be accomplished.

What’s even better? Trello offers a fantastic Free Plan with unlimited cards and unlimited Power Ups per board, making it an accessible and feature-rich option for teams of any size.

Trello helps you keep track of tasks effortlessly. Add team members to cards, and you’ll never have to wonder “who’s doing what” again. Everyone stays accountable and on top of their projects and tasks.

Setting due dates is a breeze on Trello. Not only can you easily assign deadlines, but Trello also sends reminders to ensure no task falls through the cracks. It’s satisfying to mark them as “done” and watch your progress soar.

Say goodbye to digging through endless email chains to find attachments. Trello simplifies the process by allowing you to drag and drop files directly onto cards, ensuring the right files are always with the right tasks.

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airfocus is a game-changing platform designed to modernize and streamline product management. With its flexible approach, it empowers businesses to effectively manage strategy, comprehend user needs, prioritize tasks, and achieve alignment across teams through clear roadmaps.

In a world where each product and team possesses unique characteristics, airfocus stands out as the world’s first and only modular product management platform. It provides teams with a simple starting point through ready-to-use templates, and as they grow and scale, they can seamlessly expand airfocus to meet their evolving needs.

Product management can be challenging, but airfocus makes it easy. With dedicated PM tools and expert guidance, airfocus empowers teams to handle their product work effortlessly, ensuring that the right products are built, delighting customers, and driving business success.

Chaos in product development is no longer an issue, thanks to airfocus. It enables businesses to make sense of complexities and focus their efforts on building products that truly matter, thereby leaving a lasting impact on their customers.

Time-to-market is critical for any business, and with airfocus, teams can accelerate their pace and gain a competitive edge. The product management system provided by airfocus empowers teams to move swiftly, delivering value faster and staying ahead of the competition.

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ProductPlan is a powerful platform that empowers teams to leverage product management as a competitive advantage. With its comprehensive suite of features, teams can assess opportunities, devise winning strategies, and deliver impactful results, all within one simple and intuitive platform.

One of the key strengths of ProductPlan is its ability to facilitate the creation of proactive product strategies that drive tangible business outcomes. Teams can gain a big-picture view of their portfolio or generate custom reports tailored to stakeholders’ preferences, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

The platform also excels in scaling and streamlining product workflows, eliminating inconsistencies that may hinder productivity. By creating flexible and efficient workflows, teams can build roadmaps, prioritize ideas, and launch new products seamlessly.

ProductPlan introduces roadmap standardization, fostering a common language across the portfolio. This ensures that every deliverable aligns with the overarching business goals, promoting clarity and consistency in the product development process.

The Prioritization Board feature enables teams to objectively score new opportunities based on customizable benefits and costs. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making, ensuring the most promising opportunities are pursued.

Additionally, the Roadmap Highlights functionality provides valuable insights into the evolution of plans over time. By understanding what works and what doesn’t in the product strategy, teams can continuously improve and refine their approach for ongoing success.

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With Productboard, teams can say goodbye to wasted effort and costly misalignment. By prioritizing what truly matters and creating a clear product roadmap, businesses can drive real and impactful business outcomes.

Productboard’s focus on understanding critical customer needs and delivering the right solutions allows companies to create products that customers simply can’t live without. Leveraging AI-generated summaries of customer feedback from various sources enables teams to quickly grasp trending insights and make informed decisions.

Incorporating the voice of the customer throughout the product lifecycle significantly improves the chances of success, leading to enhanced customer retention and accelerated innovation at scale. Productboard empowers businesses to be customer-centric, providing a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

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Roadmunk is the roadmapping tool of choice for high-performing teams, offering a seamless way to align the entire organization around a customer-driven roadmap. With Roadmunk, teams can easily capture valuable customer feedback, enabling them to make informed decisions on what to build next.

The platform’s user-friendly interface allows teams to build their first roadmap in just minutes, ensuring quick and efficient visualization of their product strategy.

Additionally, Roadmunk provides boardroom-ready roadmaps that effectively communicate the product vision and strategy to key stakeholders and decision-makers. By prioritizing features based on customer feedback and market demands, Roadmunk empowers teams to build products that truly meet customer needs, fostering innovation and success in the market.

Click Here to view tutorials on Youtube. is the ultimate solution for building great products with confidence. As an end-to-end product management platform with best practices integrated, empowers teams to make smart product decisions and effectively align their efforts. With a strategic vision in mind, teams can collect valuable feedback from customers and stakeholders, ensuring that the features that truly matter most are defined and prioritized.

The platform streamlines capacity planning, making it hassle-free for development teams to know what to work on next. One of’s strengths lies in its ability to tell a compelling product story, allowing teams to communicate their vision and strategy effectively.

Managing the entire product portfolio becomes seamless with everything in one place, fostering a clear overview of the plan. empowers teams to turn their vision into a reality, boosting productivity and strengthening collaboration among team members.

By leveraging, teams can confidently navigate the product development journey and deliver exceptional products that resonate with customers and drive business success.

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Here are some of the key elements that should be included in a Roadmap Tool Free:

Product vision: The product vision is a high-level statement of what the product is trying to achieve. It should be aspirational and inspiring, and it should guide the development of the product over time.

Product strategy
: The product strategy is a more detailed plan for how the product will achieve its vision. It should include information on the target market, the product’s competitive landscape, and the key features that will differentiate the product from its competitors.

Product features
: The product roadmap should list the key features that will be included in the product. These features should be prioritized based on their importance to the product vision and strategy.

Release dates
: The product roadmap should also include tentative release dates for the key features. These dates are subject to change, but they provide a general sense of when the features will be available to users.

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